Welcome to Loosli Management Inc.

The focus of work performed by Loosli Management, Inc. (“LMI”) falls into five main areas relating to equipment of all types: appraisals, sales, inspections, audits and lease finance.

The appraisal work can be accomplished on-site in an effort to get the best possible valuation results from first hand observation of the equipment, dialogue with end user personnel and a feel for the conditions under which the equipment is being used. There can also be a “desktop” appraisal where LMI personnel perform market research remotely and rely on dialogue with end users, company logs and accounting information to determine values. In each case a full report is generated in compliance with current editions of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (“USPAP”) and the Code of Ethics of the American Society of Appraisers, as required of all society members.

Equipment sales can be accomplished in many ways and for various reasons. Clients will use the services of LMI to sell their off-lease or repossessed equipment. Others have company owned assets that need to be remarketed. In any case, LMI will consult with the client and discuss multiple approaches to sales so that the maximum return and/or quick turn around desired can be realized. Depending on the type of equipment and the size of inventory to be sold, LMI can arrange for auctions to be conducted, dealer / wholesale sales, retail advertising, etc. LMI can also arrange for specialists to be involved with the sale of “hard to market” items.

Clients may need to have equipment inspected on-site before a funding can be approved. Clients may also need to evaluate the condition of the equipment before negotiating lease renewals, end user sales, or third party sales. The condition of the equipment can also determine if lease or loan terms have been met as it relates to the secured asset. Equipment condition has a direct effect on value, and as the client you don’t want to go into any negotiations blind. Also, an effective inspector can make the client aware of any observed abnormalities, such as serial number plates that look out of place, equipment listed as new / near new that has obvious wear and tear, and more.

In some cases the client only needs to know if all the items to be financed, inventoried, sold, stored, etc. are on-site. This is often referred to as an “audit”. An audit isn’t nearly as detailed or informational as an inspection, but may be all that is necessary under some circumstances.

In our competitive environment companies need to focus on their core business to be successful. The challenges of arranging for equipment to be financed can be daunting. For years the personnel of LMI have helped arrange for lease financing between banks and leasing companies representing lessees and industries of all kinds. They have also helped companies partner with banks and leasing companies to get direct financing that may not have been available if initiated on their own.

LMI personnel have years of banking, leasing and asset management experience. You can rest assured that whatever it is you need when it comes to equipment value, identification, sales and audits, LMI has the resources and industry networking / connections to get the job done. Each assignment is treated with efficiency, professionalism and care. Our reputation and your satisfaction are our major concerns.