Equipment Sales

The personnel at LMI have been involved in selling off lease, repossessed and company owned equipment for over twenty-five years. Equipment comes in many forms and represents numerous industry segments. Personal computers have become a commodity item that typically can be sold readily. More sophisticated and specialized equipment, such as medical equipment, requires more market research and effort to find the proper channels for efficient sales.

LMI will asses the best approach based on the client’s overall objectives. Some sales require quick turn around and thus a lower return. Others can take months in an effort to find just the right situation for the best return. We can consider sales campaigns to the retail market, consignment sales so the equipment can be moved from client location to sales location, auction sales with expansive market advertising. LMI can also perform web marketing, bid oriented sales and dealer / wholesale approaches if these approaches seem to be most appropriate. Clients should be allowed to focus on what they know best, their own business, and allow LMI to make things happen for them when it comes to liquidating assets.

An important part of the sales effort often involves removal of the equipment from machine shop, mine, construction site or any other location. The equipment may require specialized de-installation and packing to protect its integrity. There may be a need for crane or other draying equipment to accomplish the removal. The size, weight or fragile nature of certain types of equipment may dictate special transportation arrangements, such as padded vans, oversized load permits with lead and trail vehicles, etc. Let LMI make these arrangements for you.

It may be determined that an auction is the best method to remarket the equipment. There are companies that specialize in auctioning heavy “yellow iron” pieces. Others target equipment from the medical field, such as ultrasound and MRI equipment. Let LMI coordinate the sale through the best source available. Auctions can be sophisticated events requiring detailed marketing, staging and reporting. Your ability to generate the highest return is at risk if the wrong group is involved. Let LMI take the worry out of your hands.