Lease and Bank Financing

Today’s competitive environment requires company management to continually focus on their core business to be successful. They also need to acquire capital and put it to use in the most cost efficient ways possible. Traditionally banks have been a source for equipment funding, and if done right, can take the time to get acquainted with your business and it’s unique requirements.

You may find that your bank isn’t as willing as you’d like to really get down to the nuts and bolts of how you operate and how newer or additional equipment assets can make you more efficient and profitable. LMI has numerous bank clients who are anxious to step in and provide the necessary financing at terms you’ll find attractive. Be prepared to provide your company’s financial and management information to help streamline the effort to get needed funding approved in a timely manner.

Banks have money to lend and leasing companies have lessee clients with funding needs that must be met. LMI has been instrumental in bringing banks and leasing companies together so both sides of the financing equation are supported. As a banker you are trying to find new lending opportunities, but you’re not sure where to find those new clients. You’d love to provide financing to Fortune 1000 companies, but how do you get the opportunity to even make a presentation? Leasing companies throughout the country have a sales team out there knocking on the doors of the very entities needing financing. For years LMI has been bringing banks and leasing companies together as working “partners” to achieve their financing goals. Banks like it since the leasing company (lessor) does all the billing and tax filing required. The payments come directly from the end user (lessee) or through a lock box arrangement to the bank. The lessor or LMI can also provide equipment remarketing services for the bank, if it becomes necessary.

Many banks aren’t aware of the multi-billion dollar leasing industry and how they can participate in this exciting opportunity to fund equipment all over the US in industries and equipment types that are diverse and make the country the great business generator it is. Let LMI help get you started